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Whisky Experiences

One more blogpost in english today as this article will be visited by many international friends, hopefully. Sorry once more to let you wait that long for the Islay-pictures, I was quite busy the past two weeks.

First of all thank you a million for having us once again even if not physically living in Scotland anymore. It is great to see that the link is still working. We had an awesome time back at the auld reekie and an even better one on this beautiful Islay-island. What a Place to be as an whisky-addict. All the big names at one spot in combination with all of you guys, barbecues at the beach, crazy sucicide-rides in the minibusses an a “bit of drinking”, speaking in Vincents words made this trip one of the best I had in Scotland and my whole life as well. I won´t describe it more, because describing this feeling is simply not possible. Hopefully we can make our way back for the next Islay-trip in 2013, would be awesome. If you are interested in the pictures down here, simply grab them out of the dropbox folder. If, the other way round, you are one on of my pictures and don´t like it, please let me know and I will remove you immediately. To calm you guys down a bit, this pictures are of course the “show-me-to-your-grandparents-edition”. You all know what I mean. If some people really still want nude art of themselves you can surely have your pics as well, just let me know.

A big thank you to everyone who made this trip possible, it will always be a remarkable memory for sure. And Henning, can you please send me your address once again so I can send the full-size-pics to your place to share with the guys?

Here we go:

As I simply could not decide which pics to upload you get a whole bunch of them!


This Trip made history and a million of new spellings I will always remember. Duncan, you will also get the video of you getting a scottish knight soon. Be calm and wait a bit more…

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